Trisha’s bitter experience at Polling Booth

Trisha’s bitter experience at Polling Booth

Whether it’s a celebrity or a common man, the rule is the same for everyone. No one is allowed to break the rules and regulations as per the constitution. Well some sort of disturbance took place when young and beautiful actress Trisha went to a polling booth in Alwarpet to cast her vote. Well the actress went there along with her mother and grandmother. Though there was huge cue who were standing there since morning, she avoided that and headed to the polling booth directly.

Irked by her attitude, a voter in the queue questioned and demanded that Trisha also should join the queue. Well this resulted in a heated argument. Then police came into the picture following this and made Trisha to stand in the queue as demanded. On the other hand, her grandmother, who is a senior citizen, was allowed to go to the polling booth directly.

When asked about this, Trisha says that the voter was harsh enough in talking to her which resulted in heated argument. If the voter would have been descent in talking to her, she would not have argued with him, she adds.

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